Maintenance Mechanic (Temp. Part Time-Princeton Area) - Princeton, Indiana

Required to provide assistance for development of new machinery or equipment. Responsible for PM of equipment, racks, trays and tooling on a daily or scheduled basis.

Must be able to troubleshoot, diagnose systems and effect repairs I JIT environment with very little supervision.

Responsible for checking and adjusting for acceptable quality levels.

Must know other maintenance special skills such as: welding, pipe fitting, lubrications, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, carpentry and use of tool room machines.

Must have experience with Motoman and Parker Robotics, RS Logic 500 & RS Logic 5000 PLC programming applications.

Must furnish all tools to efficiently preform job duties.

Required to exercise reasonable attention, care and judgment in the performance of assigned duties to prevent personal injury to themselves or others or damage to equipment and/or tooling.

Responsible for working knowledge of plant facilities.

Perform other duties assigned by the supervisor such as: Line balance, material layout, creform building, part gaging, trial build and HVPT line support.

Responsible for housekeeping, of assigns work area.

All Team members have the right and responsibility to shut down production in the event of Safety or Quality issues.

Must set up and maintain equipment, complete with tooling, in more than one work area.

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