“Quality inspection performed with integrity”

Let us show you how DXE Quality can add value to your quality processes.  From containment issues to 200% checks on individual product launches, we ensure the highest level of accuracy and efficiency to keep your costs low.  Our customer-focused approach ensures that your project is treated like our ONLY project.  We can easily adapt our structured approach to your business or process with no ‘hidden’ or extra fees for minimum sort hours, supplies or management.  In addition, we offer:

*Full management of inspections

  • Onsite leadership for implementation & supervision of jobs
  • Standardized work instructions
  • Training and audits of process
  • Absence coverage
  • A3 / 5Y responses for any outflow issues
  • Detailed inspection results via our online tool

*Close cooperation with both customers and suppliers

  • We ensure your shipping targets are met and product is ordered for reject replacement
  • Specifications for each sort are well-defined with your quality team and built into our instructions and training
  • Visible defects not listed for inspection are quarantined for review, reducing additional PPM documents and sort costs
  • Defective material is quarantined and available daily for return