“Quality performed with integrity”

Let us show you how DXE Quality can add value to your quality processes.  From Quality Resident Engineer representation to containment issues to 200% checks on individual product launches, we ensure the highest level of accuracy and efficiency to keep your costs low.  Our structured, data-based approach utilizing our customized quality portal allows both your team as well as our QRE’s access to all your data on demand to assist in avoiding sort costs.  Whether analyzing defect patterns or controlling a sort, our approach offers visibility at every level.  Still need a sort performed?  Our team’s ISO certified approach can ensure maximum containment for the lowest cost.

Our Quality Policy ISO 9001:2015

The DX Enterprises (DXE) business objective is to provide our customers with a high standard of quality inspection and data collection resulting in the lowest level of nonconformance possible. Our goal is to be in constant compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements in addition to meeting or exceeding our customer’s requirements. This goal also provides the framework for the establishment and review of the company’s Quality Objectives. Our Quality Management System is continually improving and is reviewed for effectiveness at each Management Review Meeting.

To view the DX Enterprises ISO 9001 Certificate, click here