Our trained Recruiters, Staffing Specialist, and HR staff have been providing flexible and temporary staff reliably for more than 10 years.  DXE Staffing can help defray the overhead cost of recruiting full time employees, creating a temp-to-hire pipeline, or just filling absentee coverage or a short term project.  Our focus on industrial safety helps to ensure that employees are healthy and safe throughout the process and attrition is minimized.  We provide PPACA compliant insurance and 401K offered to employees (after initial waiting period). Just some of the services we provide include:

All payroll, HR, and worker’s compensation costs included

Most importantly – Respect for our employees!

Visual Order Management

       Minimized order turn around time, normally 0-2 days

Staffing Department Daily KPIs established

Payroll management

Absentee coverage available

Customer Approved Screening Process

       Background checks – hire to Customer criteria

Drug screens prior to hiring – regular random screening

On line testing available most industries (over 1000 tests available)

In House Orientation (OSHA focused, and can include customer-specific information or training)

Daily Attendance/Turnover/Disciplinary Reporting to Customer

Work to Minimize Turnover and Absenteeism

       Ensure potential TMs understand the work/environment before hiring

Robust Interview Process

Build good rap ore / understanding of our TMs

Monthly $50 Perfect Attendance Bonus

Thorough Attendance Reporting, addressing absences with TMs immediately

Company events for Team Members such as company picnic

Proactive Safety Program

       Developed core competency in light industrial staffing

Team Member work area safety audits

Supervisor training safety/ergonomic issue identification

Incident countermeasure development with recommendations

Workers Compensation management, including providing light duty assignments.