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    DXE Quality DXE Quality ensures the strictest standards, reducing quality costs
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    DXE Staffing Let our teams of staffing and HR professionals show you how we can service your manpower needs
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    DXE Logistics With more than 10 years of experience outsourcing processes, let us help reduce your costs and improve efficiency
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    Partnership DXE strives to ensure that everything we do is value added to our customers
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    Integrity Our goal, every day, is to be the most trusted supplier that you have
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    Respect From our newest employee to our oldest customer, we are always developing a culture of respect for people and process


With more than 10 years in quality inspection and containment experience, we are poised to be your one-stop shop for all quality inspection and quality related processes.  Our supervisors and detailed processes and work instructions are custom designed to fit the specific need and our trainers ensure strict compliance via our online audit and review procedures.  For the quality manager and staff, our online portal allows you to track the status and get detailed reports for each and every job being handled by DXE, along with daily inspection results.

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DXE is a full service staffing company, offering payroll, screening, training, worker’s compensation and, in many cases, on-site supervision.  Regardless of the need, DXE can offer a competitive package for long and short-term assignments, temp-to-hire, recruitment or even internships.  Every team member goes through a full orientation, including safety and OSHA specifics, EEOC regulations, and can be custom-designed to suit any customer’s needs.  We know that attrition of your workforce is expensive, so we offer 401K, health benefits, and monthly attendance bonuses to our employees to do our part in maintaining the highest level of retention possible.

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Do you have a low priority process or a process that is difficult to maintain profitably due to variability in workforce requirements?  Our access to a large variable workforce, warehouse space, and a seasoned management team with 30+ years of manufacturing and warehousing experience could be the answer.  DXE can provide a wide variety of value added services, including mobile equipment operation, trucking, warehousing / inventory, and special ‘one-off’ projects with a shorter time horizon that need a more custom solution.  Let us show you how our safe, efficient operation can add the necessary component to your business.

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