Let us show you how DXE Quality can add value to your quality processes. From Quality Resident Engineer representation to containment issues to 200% checks on individual product launches, we ensure the highest level of accuracy and efficiency to keep your costs low. Our structured, data-based approach utilizing our customized quality portal allows both your team as well as our QRE’s access to all your data on demand to assist in avoiding sort costs. Whether analyzing defect patterns or controlling a sort, our approach offers visibility at every level. Still need a sort performed? Our team’s ISO certified approach can ensure maximum containment for the lowest cost. We are ISO certified for Quality Inspection & Rework in the Princeton and Lafayette IN areas but are open to completing any necessary certifications at your company’s location.


Our Quality Policy: ISO 9001:2015

The DX Enterprises (DXE) business objective is to provide our customers with a high standard of quality inspection and data collection resulting in the lowest level of nonconformance possible. Our goal is to be in constant compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements in addition to meeting or exceeding our customer’s requirements. This goal also provides the framework for the establishment and review of the company’s Quality Objectives. Our Quality Management System is continually improving and is reviewed for effectiveness at each Management Review Meeting.


Regardless of the need, DXE can offer a competitive package for long and short-term assignments, temp-to-hire, recruitment or even internships. Every team member goes through a full orientation, including safety and OSHA specifics, EEOC regulations, and can be custom-designed to suit any customer’s needs.

We know that attrition of your workforce is expensive, so we offer 401K, health benefits, and monthly attendance bonuses to our employees to do our part in maintaining the highest level of retention possible.

View the Benefits of Our Staffing Process

PPACA compliant insurance and 401K offered to employees (after initial waiting period)

All payroll, HR, and worker’s compensation costs included

Visual Order Management

Minimized order turn around time, normally 0-2 days

Staffing Department Daily KPIs established

Payroll management

Customer Approved Screening Process

Background checks – hire to Customer criteria

Drug screens prior to hiring – regular random screening

In House Orientation (OSHA focused, and can include customer-specific information or training)

Ensure potential TMs understand the work/environment before hiring

Robust Interview Process

Thorough Attendance Reporting, addressing absences with TMs immediately

Proactive Safety Program

Developed core competency in light industrial staffing

Workers Compensation management, including providing light duty assignments.

10+ Years of Staffing

Our trained Recruiters, Staffing Specialist, and HR staff have been providing flexible and temporary staff reliably for more than 10 years.

Focused on Safety

Our focus on industrial safety helps to ensure that employees are healthy and safe throughout the process, with minimized attrition.

Reduced Costs

DXE Staffing can help defray the overhead cost of recruiting full time employees, creating a temp-to-hire pipeline, filling absentee coverage, and completing short term projects.


With 30+ years of manufacturing and warehousing experience, DXE can provide a wide variety of value added logistics services. These services include mobile equipment operation, trucking, warehousing, inventory, material handling, packing & repacking, parts picking, sub-assembly, and special customized ‘one-off’ projects. Let us show you how our safe, efficient operation can add needed components to your business.

Do you have processes that take the focus off your core competency? Or a process that’s difficult to profitably maintain? Let DXE Logistics help by looking at that service a different perspective. We have capable manufacturing experts with more than 50 combined years of automotive and manufacturing experience who can consolidate those functions on or offsite, provide management and manpower, as well as create efficiency gains and cost savings.

Let us improve your business!